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Risk Management

Managing financial risks involves a four-pronged approach that includes:
•    Identifying your potential risks
•    Analysing and quantifying the severity
•    Devising a strategy for managing these financial risks
•    Consistently monitoring strategies to determine the performance

Factors that contribute to financial risks are often:
•    The risk of an early demise or living a longer-than-average lifespan
•    The risk of exorbitant medical expenses towards your treatment or a family member’s
•    The risk of losing your job and consequently, your regular monthly income

Team Avenir recommends the listed avenues to manage and mitigate your financial burden should you encounter unforeseen risks:

Contingency Planning
Building up a contingency fund will safeguard you from unforeseen risks like a natural disaster, pandemic, or a sudden drop in your earnings. With contingency planning, you can manage these risks without feeling the financial pinch. A contingency fund with a value equalling three to six months of income helps you tide over such emergencies. Team Avenir capably assists you in this respect.